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''I learned more about leadership in half an hour with a Maestro, than I did in my entire career.'' Al Gore

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Bartholomeus-Henri Van de Velde


Bartholomeus Henri Van de Velde is a Belgian orchestra conductor, Violonist and likewise a change management expert. His specialties are leadership development, changing perspectives among teams and also creation of value between team and management. Van de Velde inspired himself as a ''Rockstar'' Orchestra DirectorBiography

“Why” I want to write about this and “Why” I mention it in my conferences is because the need for art is more than ever, necessary in our daily life.


Make a triangle in your circle

“Why music helps with solutions as in nature ”

It creates dialogue, participation, builds bridges across differences, all because the right rhythm and harmony,

Seeing our business as a piece of music, a musical score gives us a completely new perceptives,

as a skilled artist with eyes of businessperson or the discipline of a high level sports figure.

Even inspired sometimes by strange accords, can change our vision and image to a civil consciousness infused with the power of culture.

“But you can only whistle in the dark for so long before seeking a candle.”


Classical Music

Bartholomeus Henri Van De Velde & COFE - Symphony nº5 C minor Op 67

Bartholomeus Henri Van De Velde & COFE - allegro con brio

Bartholomeus Henri Van De Velde & COFE - andante con moto

Bartholomeus Henri Van De Velde & COFE - sherzo allegro

Bartholomeus Henri Van De Velde & COFE - allegro presto

Bartholomeus Henri Van De Velde & COFE - Adagio


Interviews & Concerts

Van de Velde Interviewed by Cyprus Broadcasting Corp.

Interview with Barhtolomeus in Downtown Querétaro

Van de Velde Interviewed in Radio Queretaro

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